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Angry Elf Media is a UK based independent media production company specialising in a range of genres.

Online videos are becoming an increasingly popular way to promote a company or service, start a campaign, or achieve a creative goal.

Experienced in creating works for both the broadcast industry and corporate clients as well as musicians and entertainers by working directly with clients on site, or remotely in an edit and design suite in Surrey, Angry Elf Media is here to help create the best looking, professional content at a fraction of the cost of a major production company.

AEM LTD specialise in creating fast-turnaround projects made in a one to three day timeframe, which includes animation, filming, editing and sound for broadcast by some of the UK's biggest names in television, which you can view on the portfolio page

With "Lead Creative" credits for designing and packaging various television series from music festivals, reality docu-drama, and documentaries which includes title sequence design, in-show graphics such as animations and name-strap designs and everything in between.

AEM also collaborated with various independent artists to create music videos and am also available to as a cameraman using state-of-the-art Canon 5D with accessories including a lighting rig, tripod, dolly, handheld stabilised rig and sound equipment.

Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you think there's anything AEM can help you create!

NEWS: AEM LTD now offer a music composition service for your videos! No more expensive music licencing issues. We offer bespoke music to fit your every need, in a range of genres! Head over to the contact page and drop us an email to find out more!